Activities during the Internationals

Part of the reason we’re trying to host the event where we want, is to provide everyone with some pretty awesome activities on or around the facility. But as it’s still in the planning stage, we’l be keeping mum about it… for now.

Activities after the Internationals

Well, this was such an amazing experience in Canada, that we wanted to explore something similar here in SA.

Over the course of the next few months – as we tie up the venue – we will confirm what after-internationals event we want to arrange. There are a wide number of options, and we’d like to be as responsive to people’s desires as possible.

So – we’ll be running a series of polls on FB to understand what people would want.

Just to whet the appetite for now, we’re looking at a bunch of things from safaris – walking (occassionally running, and if you’re lucky, sprinting), cycling and vehicle based, hiking through one of the best trails in the world (the Otter Trail), Cape Town and the Wine Route… we’re pretty spoiled for choice out here so there will be no shortage of ideas.

All costs can be refunded 100% prior to 31 December, 2018. 50% can be refunded between 01 January 2019 and 28 February 2019, and 0% will be refunded from 01 March 2019 onwards Dismiss