We understand that South Africa may be a long way to travel for many people, and so have aimed to reduce unexpected costs as much as possible.

The pricing is therefore are follows, per person:

Event ticket: R4,500

Family / Guest Ticket (non-training): R1,000

Transport to and from the venue: R1,000

Accommodation, food: R6,000

Total (jitsuka): R11,500

Total (non-jitsuka): R8,000

What does this include?

  • All training for the four days (Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday);
  • All travel to and from the venue (from Johannesburg International Airport);
  • All food at the venue (breakfast / lunch / dinner) for the entire period;
  • The Instructors Dinner (planned for Tuesday evening);
  • A specially hosted South African braai (planned for Wednesday evening); and
  • Friday evening swanky Gala event.

What does it exclude?

  • Special ‘off-day’ activities (more to come on this later – but everything from zip-lining to safari to golf and a bunch more is available…);
  • Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic… these are not, out of interest, particularly expensive – to give a rough idea, a pint here costs about £1.50-£2.50 / $2.00 – $3.50);
  • Your flight to and from SA;
  • The after-internationals event (again, more to come on this later, but it’s being planned)

Two discounts are available:

  1. An early bird discount of 8% for those purchasing event tickets prior to July 31 2018; and
  2. A group booking discount of 1% per person when you book as a group.

To book, please go here.